When will Earth’s petroleum wealth end and what will happen after that?


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We always hear that the stock of petroleum materials of the earth is going to be exhausted. But when will it end?

The answer is that this store will never run out.
Because we do not know how much oil is inside the earth. We only know how much oil we have extracted so far. We also know that the extraction of oil after a limit starts to be expensive, so we close many wells, but this does not mean that there is no oil left in that area. There are many areas of the earth where there can be huge reserves of oil, but it is not possible for us to extract oil from it.

Actually, it is not about geography or chemistry, but economics. The cost involved in extracting a barrel of oil varies from region to region of the earth. In some areas, a barrel of oil is available at the cost of some dollars, while in some places it costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are many areas on earth where we are aware of the oil reserves, but we have not even given them a hand, because the expenditure on this will be much more than the oil that is received. When oil gets reduced from cheap sources, then the price of oil also starts increasing due to increasing demand. To some extent, we cut our consumption, but there comes a time when we have to spend more and are forced to extract oil.

But it also has a limit. Today we have every possible option of petroleum products. We can make many types of liquid fuels by processing coal. Many types of synthetic hydrocarbons have been successfully made in scientific laboratories. We have discovered many unconventional sources of heat and energy. We did not do all this because petroids are cheap. If the price of petrochemicals starts increasing beyond the limit, then we have to move towards alternative energy measures.


For example, we can easily make methanol from coal, but our cars are not designed to run on methanol, so we have to first build vehicles that can run on other fuels instead of petrol or diesel. This will be a very big and difficult project. First of all, the cars running on the roads in crores will have to work on the very ambitious project of upgrading, which will cost trillions.

It has been estimated that when the price of petroleum exceeds $ 100 a barrel, it will become cheaper to drive vehicles with methanol. When petroleum will become more expensive then we will not have any other solution except using methanol. With the advancement of technology, the price of methanol will decrease with more manufacturing. When the expenditure on extracting petroleum products becomes excessive, then companies will start closing their plants.

There will always be a lot of oil inside the earth, but we will get it at such a high price that we will not want to remove it, Visit http://www.khatarnakideas.info/


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