What was the Mystery of Charlie Chaplin Sucess?

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Charlie Chaplin was born in 16 April 1889 He started his career in childhood. He also produced a number of films, as well as being an expert in the comic art of the Mauni era, for which he made a place in the hearts of people all over the world. Chaplin Ed has also been a screenwriter and producer, who has carved a niche in history with his performance.

Charles Chaplin became famous all over the world by going to America and saw extreme poverty. Charlie also said of his grief, “I like getting wet in the rain because no one can see my tears”

Life carrier

Charlie began his acting career with the role of a Page Boy during.the making of Sherlock Holmes.

In 1908, he joined Fred Karno company and won the hearts of the audience while acting drunk.The following year he acted in 35 films. Charlie Chaplin had become a superstar by the age of 26, Charlie made his first appearance in the film Making a Living in 1914 and after that he was got so much popularity with the help of this film.


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