What is The Mystery of Bill Gates Success?

Bill Gates’s Was Born In 28 October 1955 Bill Gates’s parents and all parents were the same. He loved living a simple life.Mother of Bill Gates currently guides students to the same university at the present time. Bill Gates’s mother liked to teach children. His mother took her full time to study her children for her career.
Harvard University, which is a recognized university in which people of the country are engaged in line work, work hard. The parents of Bill Gates have enrolled Bill Gates in this college.Bill’s mind does not seem to be advocating that they are just doing law on the advice of their parents.


Bill Gates had a very big share of Microsoft.This led to the first time that he was considered the world’s most ambitious man in 1987. They Were paying full attention to the development of Microsoft so that they could give their customers a better solution through the internet.
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Melinda Gates Foundation

In 2000 Bill Gates collaborated with his wife to build “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.The objective is to increase the health of people in the society and reduce poverty worldwide.

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