What is the Main Reason Behind Narendra Modi Sucess?

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 Even among the youth, they are very popular Since the time of his work, he has achieved the status of hard work. During the election, he slept only for 3-4 hours and he worked 18 hours continuously even after becoming the Prime Minister.
They have the art of loud words When Modi speaks to the public, he speaks to the public and speaks sharply and talks with peacefully when negotiations with the heads of foreign countries.
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Modi does not care for criticism at all and gives a break answer to criticisms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks constructively and encourages creativity. They always talk about solutions to problems.
Modi understood that the public wants development, so Narendra Modi did not talk about religion in any of his meetings.
One of the qualities of Modi is that they are known for making decisions immediately. This capability is found very little in the heads of India and for this reason they are different from those who do not make decisions due to any similarities or take too much time to take.
Narendra Modi has presented his party in such a way that he has no good option in front of the public. Even after becoming the Prime Minister he works for 18 hours continuously, Hard work increases confidence.

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