Steps to do forum submission for off-page SEO?

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Today I am going to tell you about how can you do Forum submission for off page seo.

With the help of forums you will got more website traffic in short span of time. But you have to find those websites which will not spam you, because when i had do forums than that time many forums site Moderator spam me, because i post question and answer which has not related to his website, And that time i had no knowledge about forums. so in this article i will tell you how can you do forum submission and which category you have to pick for forums, and also i will share with you some forum sites.


Seo search engine

General Discussion


So guys before finding some forum website, you have to pick those website which has this option general discussion. Because that type of website will not spam you, you have to search on google to find this type of websites. So many forum websites available, and I will suggest you, use a backlink checker tool to find these types of websites.


This type of category mosly availiable in many forums.  So If you want to post your  forums in this category, than you have to post this, because this type of forums also will not spam you. And guys here are some forums site.

Forum Website


So guys,  I hope you all will like this. Please share this article with everyone and comment on your opinion. If you have any questions in respect of this article, you can ask us anytime, we will able to assist you. 


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