Show a copy of the teachings given in the mosques after easter-sunday-attacks

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Since the serial blast in Sri Lanka, about 10 thousand soldiers were involved in the raids of terrorist bases. The Sri Lankan police and the army had said that the country is now completely safe. The terrorists involved in the serial blasts on Easter Sunday have either been arrested or have died. 

President Machilipala Sirisena banned face covering using emergency powers on April 29. According to the statement of the President’s Office – the restrictions are linked to the security of the country. Having a person’s face is difficult to identify with him

Responsibility for the attacks of IS,

In a new order on Friday, the government said that it is necessary to submit a copy of the teachings in all the mosques present in the country. It is being said that since taking responsibility for the attacks of IS, Sri Lanka has been taking such decisions to eliminate Islamic fundamentalism.

Religious and Cultural Affairs

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs has said that mosques should not be used to spread radical ideas. In view of the situation of the country, the trustees of all the mosques are instructed not to allow the mosque to become a center of fanatic activity or hatred spreads.


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