Person Should Drink Two to Two And a Half Liters of Water Daily

The Person Should Drink Two to Two And a Half Liters of Water Daily. Cold water can spoil your digestive system and can also hinder the process of absorption of nutrients by the body. In Ayurveda, it is advisable to drink lukewarm water always.


When we stand and drink water, it lifts the liquid balance in the body. This leads to accumulation of matter in our joints, which increases apprehension of arthritis.
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Instead of drinking a lot of water at a time, it is better to drink continuously during small intervals. For example, instead of drinking the half-liter water together, drink this water in 5 or 6 times in three to four hours.
Breakfast or dinner, do not drink water for at least 1 Hour after eating. Drinking two glasses of water half an hour before meals will fill the stomach quickly. The food will eat less and the weight will decrease


 Drinking water immediately after eating food, the body blossoms, fatness grows and constipation becomes complicated.
Those who drink up and drink empty stomach in the morning, they are not complaining about constipation. Due to the absence of the stomach in the morning.

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