Modi Said We will get 300 millennial blessings from Bengal

Modi claimed that only after the fifth and sixth phase of polling, the BJP got the full majority and we would cross the 300 seats. All such surveys are saying. BJP President Amit Shah also made the same claim. He said that only after the voting of the sixth phase it has become clear that we are getting a majority. Of course, we will get 300 seats.


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Another thing is clear from the way the sister is doing violence in Bengal, that with the blessings of the people of Bengal, the BJP alone is coming to the fullest majority in the fifth and sixth phase of voting on its own. All the surveys are telling this. The BJP will cross 300 seats and Bengal will play a big role in it. 

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Modi said that the intoxicating sister (Mamta Banerjee) of power has thrown the strangle of democracy. The way the Sethi is doing violence in Bengal, it became clear that with the blessings of the BJP the BJP will get a full majority on its own.

Prime minister Said people on this earth who are blessed with great leaders like Ram Krishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda and Ravindra Nath Tagore, are not going to tolerate this behavior of their sister.
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