Lionel Messi scored goal every 73 minute

lionel Messi scored goal every 73 minute-Barcelona defeated Levaanti 1-0 on Saturday night, defeating La Liga title 26 times for the 26th time. In this match star footballer Lionel Messi scored the goal. Messi’s 10th La Liga title is. They are with Barcelona since 2004. He won the first La Liga title in the 2004-05 season. Messi has played 32 matches so far this season. They scored 34 goals and 10 assists. He scored a goal in every 73.1 minutes. Messi scored an average of 1.06 goals per match this season.
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2004-05: This was Messi’s first season for Barcelona. They were included in the team in the middle season. Earlier, he had scored 11 goals in 22 games for Barcelona’s C & B team. He scored a goal in the seven matches for the main team. His first goal was against Albacete.
2005-06: This was the first full season in which Messi was included in the Barcelona team. They got an opportunity to play in 17 matches. Messi scored six goals during this time. There were also two round assists. His passing Accuracy was 81.64% in that season.
2008-09: Barcelona was the champion after two seasons this time. Messi scored 23 goals in 31 matches. He also had 11 round assists. Each match had an average of 1.09 goals.
2009-10: Barcelona saw a star footballer this season as Messi. They were faster and more accurate than before. In the entire season, he put 163 shots for the goal. This was 49 shots more than last season. The number of goals also increased from 23 to 34. 10 round assists. Many times he did not score a goal by passing the team mate. This makes Barcelona’s attack stronger.
2010-11: For the first time in Barcelona, ​​Messi has won the title in three consecutive seasons. This year the team also won the UEFA Champions League. Messi scored 31 goals in 33 matches. The number of assists also increased to 18. It was 10 more than last season. Messi became more playmaker than a finisher. They passed 2,233, which was 684 more than last season.

2012-13: Messi scored 50 goals in total 37 matches this season. Of these, 46 goals were scored in just 32 La Liga matches. It was his best season so far. On average, each match scored 1.44 goals. 12 round assists also did. Showing his playmaking ability, he also made 1759 passes. Messi scored a goal each 56.98 minutes. It is by far the best La Liga season of his career.

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2014-15: Messi played all the matches of La Liga for the first time. He scored 43 goals in 38 bouts. In the 2013-14 season he scored only 28 goals. Barcelona could not win the title in the Tata coaching coaching of Martino. In the coaching of Louise Enrique, the team returned on track to win back in the 2014-15 season. Messi scored 18 rounds this time. They performed better in Midfield and completed 2,333.

2015-16: After the 2008-09 season, it was Messi’s worst season. He scored only 26 goals in 33 matches. He scored a goal in every 104.92 minutes. This was the most time taken by him for a goal in the last seven years. However, he assists at 0.48 goals in each match. This was his best performance after 2010-11 (0.55 Asist per Match).
2017-18: Barcelona did not win the title in 2016-17 season. Then Real Madrid made champions. Barcelona again won the title this time again. Messi scored a goal every 88.12 minutes. He scored 34 goals in 36 matches. Also did 12 round assists.


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