How Did Jeff Bezos Become Zero to World Richest Man?

How Did Jeff Bezos Become Zero to World Richest Man? Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s best-known celebrities, who made a great impact on the lives of people with their enchanting works setting up, he changed the way people shopped. Whatever you need, order online and the accessories are available at your door, at the cheapest price from the market.
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Jeff Bezos says, “If you think about the long-term, you can make good decisions about life, which you will not regret later.” Jeff Bezos has always followed the policy of long-standing thinking and ‘minimum repentance’ While doing any new work, Bezos does not think about immediate profit-loss. They use foresight and think about a long time, even if there is a loss in the near future.

Establishment of the company

Jeff Bezos founded his company in July 1994 and launched it in 1995. Bezos first wanted the name Cé, but after three months he changed his name to He chose the name of Amazon’s biggest river, the world’s biggest online bookseller, whose website started as an online bookstore.
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The Amazon company started in a garage, and that too only three computers. The online sales software was made by Bezos himself and the initial capital of 3 lakh dollars was born by his parents.











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