How to get the Google Adsense account approval?

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Excited to know about How to get Google AdSense account approval.  If Yes Than you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you everything about google AdSense So let’s Get Started.

Adsence policy you need to know

Don’t click on your advertisement

in Blogging What bloggers are doing today when they are not able to make money on Adsense, then they click their own advertisement. Which is very wrong, If you are not able to money because of less traffic. Then don’t do this type of things, you need to keep patience.

Otherwise, your AdSense account will be deactivated, Don’t be smart, google AdSense is more smarter than you, You need to grow your website with the help of SEO, and you need to work on low competition which will help you to earn more money with Google Adsense.

2 : Don’t share your post on social Media

This is also one of the biggest mistakes, bloggers are doing today. When I had no knowledge about this  And when I shared my content on Social media, Then What happened?

Can you imagine, in this year I got a mail regarding Admit And they said I will check your site if we found something wrong then we will deactivate your account? I was shocked.

At that Time many bloggers suggest me that don’t share your content on social media. Because Google needs organic traffic. So guys  I stop that time to share my content on social media.

Content that violates adsence policy

So Let me tell you my experience of what I had did, I wrote one article related to the song rap god in Spanish. After 5 days I Got mail That your content violates AdSense policies, delete this article or remove your ads in this content as soon as possible.

Otherwise, we will deactivate your account. So guys I had deleted my content.So my main motive is to tell you that don’t post content that violates AdSense policy. Instead of doing this type of work, you need to do research to increase your earning.

so Before apply for google adsense, You need to read term and condition of google adsence.

Eligibility For adsence

1 : Your website  must have about us , privacy policy, Disclaimer, Contact us page Before apply google adsence.

2 : Your blog should be minimum 3 month old before apply. But if your website have quality content than you should try to apply.

3 : Your age should be minimum 18 year old.

4 : If your website have any problem, than you need to fix this, otherwise when google send you mail. In that mail he will tell you about reason why he wasn’t approve you, So Don’t worry , Google adsence already reject me many time, But That time I never give up. I had fix all my website issue, after that They were approve me

How can I get my payment

First of all, you need to complete your 100 dollars To get this payment. If you do research then you will be able to earn more money with google Adsense.

Google Adsense account approval

Google Adsense account approval- So Click on google AdSense after that you will be redirected to this page. and then you have to click on the Signup button before applying for google AdSense.

 google adsense account approval

When you click on sign up than you will be on this page, you have to mention all this detail, which is very important For approval And click on Save and continue.

 google adsense account approval

So Now put your email address and click on next. After that in this page you will get password option, So you need to set your password And click on continue

 google adsense account approval

AllMost Everything Done, Now you need to copy this code And paste in html

 google adsense account approval

I think You copy adsence code, Now go to wordpress dashboard go to appearance, after that go to themes

 google adsense account approval

Then click on theme Editor

 google adsense account approval

Than Click on Theme Header

 google adsense account approval

So put your code Here after head now Click on Update

 google adsense account approval

Now go back your adsence account, and click on Done

 google adsense account approval

Wow congrats now you need to wait for reply of google team

 google adsense account approval

If your website working on then Copy this Code

 google adsense account approval

After that you need to click on layout after that click on add a gadget

 google adsense account approval

After that scroll Down and click on this option html javascript

 google adsense account approval

Now put your code in this blank box after that you need to click on save

 google adsense account approval

Then back to your adsence account and click on Done

 google adsense account approval

After that you need to wait for reply of google adsence Team

 google adsense account approval


So Guys i hope you all love this article all about google adsense account approval


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