Follow tips that will make you a rapper

How are you all?   Today I am going to share with you inspirational stories today. When you follow this then you will be able to make your own rap song. maybe you think it’s difficult, but it’s not difficult it’s very easy according to my perception that the reason I made this article only to motivate you. because I want you to saw your talent which you hide yourself. and I hope you will try what I will say in this article.

Inspirational short stories

See your talent

Guys in today’s generation there are many people who have talent but the main problem is they unable to find his talent. Maybe lots of questions came into his mind. I was the same like this, after that I understand my talent and I have started working on this, so now I am going to share with you my own rap song which is related to coronavirus written by me and sang by me. 

Watch coronavirus rap

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Inspirational stories

Write your rap

Before starting your own rap song, guys you have to write your own rap. Before doing this you have to select a topic, in which topic you are going to make your own rap. like love, motivational, etc whether people like this or dislike this don’t care, you have to continue to your work, if you don’t have time then make one rap in one weak.

Select beats

Before rap, you have to select beats and sang according to beats because first-time people made a mistake that is they sang slow in fast tune and sometimes they sang fast in slow tune. Guys you have to sang according to the tune. Otherwise your rap will not become your best rap.

Share your rap in social media

When you made your rap after that guys share your rap in social media. Guys because social media is a very powerful, with the help of this people going popular so fast in short span of time. Share your rap in some big groups in facebook, share your rap in instagram, make your youtube channel etc.

Don’t feel shy

In today world there are many people who have talent but they feel shy and hesitation problem is the reason they are unable to show his talent. If you have this habit than you have to break this habit as soon as possible. Otherwise this type of habit will create many problems in your life. And you have to think postive to get best results in your life.


So, Guys, I hope you all love this article, share this article with everyone. and comment your opinion. So that everyone works on this. If you have any questions in respect of this article. you can ask us anytime, we will be happy to assist you.


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