How to Delete Spam Comments Fast on WordPress?

Do you want to Delete Spam Comments Fast on WordPress Website? You don't need to worry about, if you have a large number of comments in WordPress,. 

Because this powerful plugin delete all your spam comment within a second. So without wasting time. I am going to give you a solution to this issue.

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Delete Spam Comments Fast

The plugin name is Delete pending comments. With this plugin, you Will be able to Delete Spam Comments Fast and pending comments.

Your issue will be solved If you use this plugin, It’s useful for victims of spammer attacks. So let me Give you Solution How to use This Plugin.

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How to Delete Spam Comments

Search Delete Pending Comments Plugin and Activate

Delete Spam Comments Fast

After That, You need to click on Comments. And Delete pending comments 

Delete Spam Comments Fast
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I am using This plugin That's the reason I have only 55 comments. Now let's Delete This Comments Now.

You need to Write This Colour Line I am sure I want to delete all pending comments and realize this can't be undone in The Box,  And Click On Delete Pending comments.

Congrats There are no pending or spam comments in your site. Look At this Screenshort Now

So If you have Around a Large number of  Spam Comments Like 10000, 20000, and so on. Your all Spam Comments will be deleted within a second with this plugin.

Final Words

 So Guys I hope you Get The right path with this article to Delete Spam comments fast on WordPress. So My Humble Request To All of you, Because I made So Much research to write this article. Please share this on the Social media platform.

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