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Best cheap car insurance || Car Insurance Full Guide

Hello friends, in this article you can read about Best cheap car insurance

You read many articles before, but here is an all-in-one solution guide.
A car insurance will protect you from various types of expenses associated with a wide range of situations affecting your car.

Why Is It Important?

Best cheap car insurance – provides protection of our vehicle i.e. the car, its spare parts, accidental cover for the car owner, and the accompanying co-passengers.It also protects savings because some insurance providers offer many such benefits to the policyholder when he takes out car insurance.

A car insurance policy is not only a mandatory document by law but also a helpful tool in uncertain circumstances.

With increasing vehicle load and unprecedented rates, car insurance is mandatory for all car owners.

Buying car insurance from a leading company ensures that the application process is a hassle-free, convenient and minimal time requirement.

On What Basis We Can Choose Right Car Insurance?

Apart from the reputation of the insurance provider, you should also formulate a T&C policy to better understand the benefits covered by it. Good car insurance should include the following:

1  Physical damage, theft, accident, loss due to man-made/natural disaster (eg riots and earthquakes), and damage/injury done by third parties.• Third-party liability

2 Personal contingency coverage for the driver as well as co-passengers.

3 Add -on coverage including 24/7 roadside assistance, major replacements, no-claim bonus, 0 depreciation cover, and more.


Car insurance is available as two different policies that offer different coverage options and have different premium prices. Third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance are two types of policies.

If you are purchasing a policy for the first time, it is important to understand exactly what it is that you receive, what is not included, and which policy will be best suited to your vehicle, budget, and other needs.

In addition, we have some add-ons that can be integrated into your policy to make it more suitable for your specific needs.

1: Third-Party Car Insurance

Any third party such as people, vehicles, or the immediate environment receives monetary compensation if you are involved in an accident and have suffered injury or damage.

Coverage: Third parties are the only beneficiaries of the scheme in the form of financial remuneration.

Exclusion: No coverage for damage to your own vehicle, driver, or occupants of the car. Repayment expense is not provided by the company.

Third-party insurance is not very expensive due to its limited features but it is mandatory and certainly helpful to provide assistance when you are already in a difficult situation.

Opt for this policy if you own an affordable vehicle and can pay to repair it out of your pocket.

2: Comprehensive car insurance

If you are looking for a comprehensive policy that will work for you under a broad set of events, then broad is an option to go with.

Coverage: Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, lightning; Thefts, assaults, and other man-created disasters; Optional coverage for personal accidents for the driver and other passengers of the car; Inclusive third party insurance.

Additional coverage: You get an option to add more coverage to your policy to make it work better for you as an add-on cover.

Some commonly available add-ons are lock and key replacement, remuneration for substituted consumables, and 24×7 on-road assistance.


Exclusion: Any wear and tear that has arisen due to the age of the vehicle. If you are not following the road safety rules or driving while drunk, your claim will be rejected.

If you own an expensive vehicle then this policy should be your priority and every repair will cost a fortune.

3 : Add on Cover

 As the name suggests, these are in addition to your Aadhaar policy and can be included in comprehensive but third-party policies. It is important to know about some common and valuable add-ons.

Zero depreciation should be a part of your policy as it prevents the company from paying the depreciation cost of the replaced car parts instead of their original value.

 No Claim Bonus is another great addition that offers discounts during car insurance renewal when you have not made a single claim in the policy year.

In addition to these, you can receive compensation for damaged personal articles by taking advantage of add-ons for personal belongings, after crashing your share with free replacement costs.

Popular Car Insurance Plans :

New India Assurance, IFFCO Tokio, Universal Sompo, HDFC ERGO, Reliance, Tata AIG, Bajaj Allianz

4: Approx Pricing :

You can ensure your car or any other 4 wheeler (including SUV and MUV) for one year.

Around INR Rs.3000. Same cost for two-wheelers at INR Rs.1000. You can apply for INR

Car insurance must be provided both online and offline and personal details like Vehicle registration number among others.

Conclusion :

Bajaj Allianz in one of the best company for car insurance, you can go with that after reading all the guidelines of it.

Do more research on the policies that suit you as a buyer and agree with your routine and usage before purchasing online.

And you can choose your insurance type according to your need and budget too.

Third-party insurance is more popular 

Note – Before buying any policy, see their terms and conditions.

Hope this answers your question and will help you find the right insurance policy in the market.

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