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How to Start Blog From Scratch? Want to make your own blog business but don’t know how to start this. Then no need to worry about this. In this article, I will guide you on how to do blogging and earn money online?

Blog from scratch

In This Article I am Going To tell you an advantage of why you need to start this. And what type of challenges came in your journey after starting a blog business. So please read this full article, if you want to Start Blog From Scratch.

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Blog From Scratch

In Today everyone is saying How can I Start Blog From Scratch.. So You need to buy a domain and hosting to make your WordPress website.

After that, your blogging journey will be started. And that’s not enough you need to learn off-page and on-page Seo. And After That, You need to write an article, Find a low competition keyword to rank your website.

And the first thing you have to do is focus on learning don’t think about earning. And don’t quit, Because blogging does not make you rich quickly,  Invest Time and money To get Sucess. This is reality and you need to accept this.

Advantages of blogging

1: Work anywhere

2: Grow your Network

3: Make a Strong bond with Other Blogger

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Sources to earn money with blogging

1 Google AdSense

When you open someone's website. You saw some google advertisements. So For this, you need to approve your website from Google AdSense. So I want to recommend you focus on website traffic to increase your earning After approval.

2: Affiliate marketing

n this world, there are many people who know only google Adsense. But they don’t know in blogging there are many ways to make money online very fast.

Guys if you don’t know about affiliate marketing then guys you lose your 90 percent income. Affiliate marketing has the power to make you rich.. but remember one thing affiliate marketing is not like Google Adsense this will not give you pay per click.

In Affiliate marketing guys you need to do work very hard plus you need to do smart work also. Guys this will give you money more than Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing has the power to give you more money in less website traffic,

3: Earn money with Sponsorship

You need to improve your website Alexa rank and also improve your website da pa and website traffic also. after that apply your website for sponsorship. So many websites are available on the internet.

Who will give your lot of money only for one sponsor post? I have one website that will give you around 100 dollars per sponsor post. If your website has 10000 visitors per month than you need to apply your blog  Signup Flyout now

3: Sell your course

For example, if you are perfect in affiliate marketing or in any field like Seo etc. You have to do one thing to earn money fast that is to make your course. And sell it to your audience.

4: adsence

If you have mostly traffic from the United States, the united kingdom, Canada then this adsence is waiting for you. You need to apply this adsence also To earn more money online today.

5 Earn Money with a guest post

Guys If your website have Traffic Than you will be able to earn money with this, Someone who doesn’t have website traffic they will contact you For the guest post, you have to charge money for this. When they ready than post his content on your website and charge money according to your website traffic.

6 : Amazon Affiliate Marketing

IF you want more money with this, then what you need to do is make your amazon affiliate website and post content. Focus on your website traffic to increase your affiliate sale. Because  In this world there are so many bloggers who earn around 2000 dollars with amazon affiliate marketing only. So this is one of the best things to achieve a goal in your life.

7: Earn money with content writing

If you start blog now then you will be able to earn money with the help of content writing also. Because as a blogger you know how to write content. So you can start this work also.

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