Billl gates Said Ability to grow rapidly in India’s economy

Bill Gates said, “I don’t know much about the recent times, but I want to say that the next decade will be of India and its economy will grow rapidly during this time. Everyone hopes that India will indeed have a strong growth potential.” There is a possibility. “He praised the Aadhaar identification system, saying,” India has an important place.
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BillGates praised India’s Aadhaar Identification System, Financial Services and Pharma sector. Gates’s response comes at a time when Asia’s third-largest economy, India, is currently undergoing a recession and almost all sectors have seen declines in the past.

 On Friday, Bill Gates defeated Jeff Bezos of Amazon to become the world’s richest person. His total assets are US $ 110 billion (7.89 lakh crore). Gates has so far donated over US $ 35 billion to the Bill and Melinda Foundation for poverty reduction and social development programs in various countries.

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