Air India flights canceled due to Server Issue

Air India passengers had a harrowing time at airports across the world today as its 155 flights were delayed due to the shutdown of its check-in software for more than five hours because of a technical snag.
The national carrier Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani, said the passenger service system (PSS) software , which looks after check in baggage and reservation did not work from 3:30 am to 8:45 am 
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on saturday. During this time period, thousand of all passenger were standed at airport globally as the airline staff was unable to issue a boarding pass to them.
Lohani said till 10 am, 85 flights were delayed” because of the PSS shut-down. “Because of the 85 flights that have been delayed.he said, adding that a few flights will also be cancelled because of this delay.”
 airlines spokesperson clarified that 155 flight would be delayed for an average duration of two hours till 8:30 pm. flights that have been affected the most due to the software shutdown.
there will be delayed in one or two international flights. one delhi- shangai flight is getting delayed about 1.5 hours.the flight departing for europe.
About affected passengers the CMD said the airline is trying is best to inform them to Social media and its call centre. the magnitude is so big that our call centre is not able to handle the volume he said the passengers missing thier flights would be given hostel accomodation or they would be rescheduled in a different flight,he added.
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