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Steps to convert your Facebook friends in to a Facebook fan page

So today I am going to tell you about how can you convert your Facebook friends into a Facebook fan page Today generation there are many people in worldwide who do SMM social media marketing. And they do more struggle to grow his audience in Social media platforms. Some people got success and they succeeded to grow his audience. And some do a lot of hard work for this but not getting traffic on his Facebook page.

Advantage of Facebook page follower

 1: Blogger

So If you have your own blog website you need to create Facebook page select domain name as your Facebook page. and when you convert Facebook friends into a Facebook fan page and when u started to share your blog link. then with the help of this, you will get a huge amount of traffic in a short span of time. And this all will help to improve your website Alexa rank.  If you have many Facebook id that also great. and the best part is You will get real Follower not fake. 

2 : Affiliate marketer

If you are an affiliate marketer then you will Get your sale very soon, and With the help of a Facebook fan page 

3 : Youtuber

If you are Youtuber than you will gain your subscriber fast.

greengeeks wordpress

How to covert

Step 1

First you need to type in google that is how to convert your facebook friends to page likes

 a Facebook fan page

Step : 2

Youn need to click on this see this screenshort

 a Facebook fan page

Step : 3

Go to create a facebook page based on your profile

 a Facebook fan page

Then now click on get started remember one thing before doing all of this you need to log in your Facebook account
 a Facebook fan page

Select categories

 a Facebook fan page
Then you need to click on create page
 a Facebook fan page
See this screenshot which means you need to wait this will take time after that you will get your Facebook followers.
 a Facebook fan page


So Guys i hope you all understand this what i am saying in this article, If you love this article, Than please share this article with everyone, so that people know how to convert facebook friends in to facebook followers.

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